cTrader connector. What is this, and why does a trader needs that?

It’s well known that the financial market development has also led to the emergence of a multitude of both brokerage and support services for trading. To date, a number of supporting trade platforms have already been established through the trade conduction, financial assets analysis and complex technical analysis.

Of course, every one has been working through the fix api MT4 platform. This is truly universal software that allows you to build complex predicted models, and to which there are a huge number of trade robots, scripts, and utilities. And of course, practically every broker uses this software free of charge.

However, in order to apply the arbitration strategy, this instrument may not be sufficient. And, given the fact that some brokers restrict the arbitrage fix api trading, one platform may not be sufficient. Moreover, for trading on different stock sites, it is necessary to know in which broker’s quotations are late and which one’s are received on time.

For this solution, a special connector has been developed that allows trading on cTrader, but through MT4: http://forexzzz.com/product/ctrader-connector-via-fix-api/

This software allows you to use both the standard MT4 accounts and cTrader account while working in the first program. That is, you can use this header to get all the indicators, experts, a trade robot designed for MT4, for trading in cTrader. This is really a unique development, because in a standard trading platform there is no way to connect the supporting software. And the connector, in turn, will allow you to create a gateway that will be used to ship all the deals to the cTrader through MT4 orders. The connector also trades throughfix api, which makes it possible to use delayed orders.

You can read about the MT4 and cTrader trade platform specifications on their official sites.

In addition, this software will allow you to use it for the arbitration strategy as a slower broker. Thus, the two trade accounts will allow for the use of the arbitration algorithm, which is based on the analysis of exchange rate difference of currency pairs. And in case of deviations towards the slower broker it opens in the direction of future increment.

For example:

A faster broker has a EUR/USD cost of 1.0610, and a slower broker has the value of EURUSD of 1.0600. Thus, the algorithm sees an explicit course difference and decides to open the transaction in a slower broker, because quotes are delivered later and it is very likely that the cost will be 1.0610. These ten points that are the potential income of the fix api trader.

For more information on arbitration trading, please read the wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbitrage

Despite the simplicity of this program, it is important and useful for those who use algorithmic trade in their trading. Inaddition, thereare a numberofkeyadvantages:

  • Work through financial protocol fix;
  • The integration of the cTrader accounts into the MT4 trading platform;
  • The ability to use the full functionality and many additional programs for cTrader trading which cannot be done in a standard terminal;
  • Opportunity to trade according to the arbitration strategy.

These key benefits make the connector fully adaptable for Lock Arbitrage, and also use it for automatic trading with MT4 tools on cTrader accounts.

The use of this software will lead to a lucrative arbitration trade strategy and expand the list of available trade accounts. Moreover, using different types of accounts will allow you to hide the algorithm from those brokers who prohibit arbitration trading because the use of a header will not arouse suspicion in brokerage companies.

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