Resources to promote your trade

Each trader seeks a stable income in the financial market. We are ready to analyze the charts on a daily basis, to look for both fundamental and technical reasons for market weakening, and to share this information with our colleagues. However, I believe that you need to share this information not only with the other fix api traders, but also with potential investors.

If you have a working trading strategy at your disposal that brings a stable percentage of income, then you need to monetize and earn not only on exchange rate fluctuations, but also directly on the possibility of providing trading signals. We will consider today this opportunity and I will tell you some useful resources, where it can be implemented.

But first, I want to orient you for what it is for:

  1. If you promote your trading among the professional environment, you will be able to attract additional capital to your trade. We all know the standard conditions of the remote control ( ), in which you can take 2% for the fact of account management and 20% of the net profit. So, if you are able to increase your capital from $2000 to 5% a month and can attract $20,000, then your net profit will grow from $100 to $300 ($100 from the trade and $200 from the account management result). In this way, you can even get more from management than from your trading.
  2. Promotion of your trade will create a positive image in the professional environment of traders in the fix api forex market. You can gather around you like-minded people and followers; with whom you can build effective networking ( ).
  3. Together with your trade, you can promote other auxiliary products. These can be paid consultations and a development of investment solutions directly under the client’s request. In this format, you can increase the profitability of your products and your expertise not only in the market situations.

As you can see, popularizing yourself as a trader allows you to significantly improve your financial results, and most importantly to diversify them.

Returning to the topic of resources, on which you can implement these opportunities about which I wrote above, you can refer the following platforms:

  1. Mql: by right, this is the largest and most popular resource on the Internet. Mql is a developer of fix api MT4 trading platforms and publication of the results is not difficult. However, the key drawback is the fact that the popularity of the resource provokes to set a higher price for the trading signals and some potential customers may simply not take advantage of this opportunity. Well, for a trader, this is still a platform with full statistical information on the trading results that allows you to be popularized among the trading community.
  2. 1sforexsignal: this is the youngest resource from my list. However, you should not miss the fact that the platform is intended for work namely in the fix api forex market. Concentration on one platform allows you to improve the quality of the trade signals delivery. Moreover, among the entire list on this resource, you can set a minimum subscription price of $1. Thus, the investor can test the trader’s trading style before entrusting him an investment capital.
  3. Fxsocialnet: the feature of this resource is the fact that the platform allows you to fully describe the algorithm of actions, see historical results of work, as well as current indicators. However, this is far from a key feature. This resource allows you to promote your algorithmic trading and attach a robot, which can be purchased directly from the site. This gives an opportunity to immediately demonstrate the results of the product and immediately sell it.

All these resources allow the trader to raise awareness in the market, and most importantly, they are tools for attraction of additional capital based on the trading results. It is clear that it is necessary first to create a working trading system, and only then to promote it. But for the future, this approach is an excellent option for increasing the profitability of your fix api trading activity.


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